Friba lost her son

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This real story is of a woman who carries so much grief in her heart, living along, away from her one and only beloved son who was snatched from her by her in-laws. Fariba lives at the Women’s Shelter Home. In this episode of the “Resilience” show, she tells us her painful life story.

Fariba was happily married to a young man who she loved so much. But their happy marriage ended when she became pregnant and gave birth to their son. Her in-laws accused her of adultery and told her that the child was not theirs. Fariba was forced to spend nights outside home and had to endure violence by all her in-laws just to prove her innocence. When her child was finally born, her in-laws forced her to leave the house and did not let her take her son away with herself. She tells us that if the child did not belong to her husband, why did he keep him and throw her out of the house.

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